PT. SyHurip Mitra Industri (SyMI) is established to provide support to companies who have special needs or customized components / spare part. Symi is also a distributor of a wide range of standard items, such as solid tire.


Vision :
“Continuously expanding and developing business markets to achieve the world-class competitive potentials”

Mission :

  • Establishing an innovative, dynamic, flexible and participatory network for spare parts and industrial services.
  • Ensuring on-time delivery of the guaranteed and high quality parts and services.
  • Increasing the company and stakeholders satisfaction.

Our Philosophy :

  • Customer Focus and Attention
    We focus on our customers‘ requirements, expectations, and latent needs. We evaluate the need of our customers and customize the solutions to match the innermost desires of them.
  • Partnership and Teamwork
    Our efforts and performance will be characterized by strong partnerships with clients and partners and working in unison with their thought process and effective teamwork across all boundaries.
  • Employee Development
    The continuous support and personal development of our people for the latest trends and best practice in the Industry.
  • Service and Quality
    These tow key words are the foundation of the success, what ever we have earned so.


Our Businesses :